Prologue- 5

January 4th, 2010, 4:25 pm

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Author's Comments:


Yeah, I feel ashamed that it took me so long to draw a page like this

But... Well, I havn't updated any of my comics in a while. Simply bcause I've been so damn busy with everything. I actually have a lot I need to get done, but mark my word, when I get all of it cleared off my plate I will be an updating machine >:T

Anyways, last page of the prologue! What will await Jacob on the other side?!

also, seems he learned the hard way what "Whited out" means


User's Comments:


*laugh* that's good x'D
Anyway, very mature to get pissed on a game and put it in a microwave =A=' x'D Anyway, I'll add this comic to my favs ^^


Ugh, I always hated whiting out. Maybe he'll wake up in a pokecenter.


How does one 'white out', exactly?

It doesn't make sense why they replaced 'black out' with it. :\


Crystal Hikara,

I snrked HARD at this page. The 'whited out' bit was PERFECT for this. Please tell me thar will be more puns like these ;0


@ Yuoaman: I guess it's like... Instead of seeing black when you pass out, you see white flash before you?
I just think the character in the game is a really sore loser for passing out every time he loses. Like "omg omg omg I lost, I can't breathe, there's no way, omg *pass out*"

@ Hikara: Oh don't you worry, there will be puns galore about the pokemon game as it goes on!

-.$ (Guest),

Hi. Just found the comic. So funny! When are you going to update next?


I'm not sure when my next update will be, honestly. I have a lot of comics that are way behind right now, and I don;t have much time to work on them at the moment because I'm actually rather booked with commissions over on another website. I want to update more, though, so once I get those commissions done, expect a flood. XD

-.$ (Guest),

Nice! I can't wait. If only I could draw. I have loads of ideas for comics.


LOL, "Jacop whited out", ROFL!!! XD


oooh maybe i should do that? lol XD oooh. he could of just returned the game XD.


The power of microwaves these days... lol


so THATS what whited out means. Wow tho D8, if he lost that many times from the rival, a career change may be in order lol.


Actually, in Japan the 'White' has the same connotations of death as 'Black' has to it has something to do with that? 0.0?


This is the best way to get transported into a different dimension ever. I am smiling so hard

James Birdsong (Guest),

Well cool. How lovely.


LOL the spirit of Ass lives on.


FFF he whited out. Take that!

PikalaxALT (Guest),

Is it a good idea to microwave Pokemon LeafGreen? I'd have to say... Good idea. It's not every day you get to start your Pokemon adventure for real. That just about wraps it up for this episode of "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?"


Asking Youtube Genius Terra:Lol. XD

Maddy:As of being geniuses, we asked the "Let's microwave this" Dude if he can microwave a pokemon game. :D


@PikalaxALT Aw man you beat me to it I just posted a Is it a good idea to microwave this reference on the previous page

hand-me-down cheese,

this is very tempting...
but then i'd probably destroy the game and i have a shiny golbat that i refuse to transfer until it evolves. (which it loves me but no national dex fffffffuuuuu)

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