Prologue- 3

October 13th, 2009, 1:40 pm

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Author's Comments:


Gasp, Jacob, how could you? Shoving a game into a microwave! All because you couldn't beat Gary in the beginning?

Also, I've made affiliates with a hilarious comic called Pokemon Breeder, go check it out!
Le Jelleh makes some pretty awesome pokemon comics, check out the others too!


User's Comments:


Jacob + Can't beat Gary in beginning = EPIC LOLz


sweet ~ this looks like a fun comic ;D

Le Jelleh told me about you guys, and I'm totally impressed ~ faved!

Le Jelleh,

Mmm. Put some Tabasco on that shit, and that's a meal right 'dere. ;D


Spice ala LeafGreen. Sounds like a keeper. XD


hm... well the art work is a bit... choppy but i think i will continue with this one *adds to favs*


@ Littlekitsune: Yeah, that's because it was all drawn on photoshop, unlike all my other comics. After this intro I'll be switching to black and white and drawn on paper, so it should look nicer after that ^^;;


It means you "lost"! XD


"ASS" OWNED YOU AGAIN! lol awsome!favin!




Why does Jacob's face in frame 1 and 4 looks like he's doing a pose for IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZORZ!!


Well that's because heBLAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Miss N Shark,

I'm just like that, with anger :D

blizzard (Guest),

wow this guy sucks worse than magikarp

James Birdsong (Guest),



pride If you cant beat him, burn him.:D


Lol Jacob gives up too easily. and, Whatd the game ever do to him?! Sure, it whited him out, but thats just cause he sucks at Pokemon! Poor Leaf Green...


Damn.He has piss poor luck,but then again...Gary sucks cock.Try beating him with A party like mine.I got so broke from losing to him I eventually had 0 cash.But...overtraining Blastoise FTW.I got it to level 84.But since I thought the Elite 4 were impossible,I said fuck it and migrated it to my Diamond.I traded my Leafgreen for A pisspoor MP4 player,yes they exist,that broke down in less than 12 hours.

... (Guest),

I'm pretty sick of people calling Blue Gary and Red Ash. It's only in the freaking Anime they're called Ash and Gary.


Well he certainly has great anger management.


*GASP* but but........ fire red and leafgreen were the first pokemonz I owned legally! HOW COULD YOU?!?! (Do it the older ones be better)


See, THIS is one of the reasons I hate stat moves, they take up precious turns and hp damage.

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