Prologue- 1

October 1st, 2009, 2:00 pm

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Author's Comments:


Yeah yeah, I know it says it's in the planning process, and it still is! BUT... I really wanted to draw up an intro to the story, I was in a big mood to draw it. So really I guess this comic wont update frequently, but it will update when I feel the urge to draw it. Once I get everything nice and planned though, pages will come in faster and stuff.
So yeah, watch if you want, but don't expect a full fledged comic for a while XD


Meet Jacob. He has a bit of a temper issue.
And he's a loser. I mean... Who the hell can't beat GARY?!?


User's Comments:


Jacob Looks awesome. Has a bit of Hero in him eh?


:/ Well I guess he does look kinda like Hero, but.. Well, Hero is more of the 'grump and not care', while Jacob is your typical lazy ass slob. You know, that jackass that ditched school, works serving big macs and goes home without cleaning the place, can't cook for himself and practically lives on easy mac and pizza.
And he gets pissed at pokemon games. XD


Lol Yep looks like the lazy ass type too.


Funny story so far! Cannot wait for next update! :3


@chikakyun: Thanks!


You know, I've gotta wonder, how the hell does one "white out" exactly? I thought it was supposed to be BLACKED out. Stupid translators....


Most definately..fav'd.


You know I just realized, Jacob looks like he's awfully constipated.


He probably hasn't got up to go to the bathroom due to his obsessive rage against "Ass"

Moo Moo,



Win! xD I fell out of my chair laughing.... Oo
and I'm in love with your avatar |D
(No, I am not new, my old account crashed or something....don't think I'm a newb.)


I usually name my rival asshole because there is just enough characters.

James Birdsong (Guest),

Majorly great start.


I now have giggle-itis OMFG!!! rofl sry for abbreviations nd other girlsy shizz, but I CANT EXPLAIN the HILARIOUSNESS IN ACTUAL WORdS. so dont b;ame me. and also, my shift key gets stuck alot, so dont pay attention to the lack of or too much of capitalization

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