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Jacob is just another jackass loser with a shit job and a crappy apartment. When he's out, he has nothing better to do than complain about everything and dress like a slob. When he's home, he sits around and plays games, eating delivery pizza and easy mac, never bothering to clean up the place. But honestly, he couldn't give a shit. That is until he suddenly wakes up in the strange world of Pokemon.... Comic Rated 14+ for language and violence Will Update Randomly

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Fillers and Extras page being made!

I don't like shoving fillers in random points of my comic, so all previous fillers are going to be moved to the fillers and extras page along with gift art/commission things I've gotten from other people regarding this comic.
Any new fillers/thank you images will be uploaded to the main comic, but after a week, will be moved to the fillers and extras section.

The page is still under construction, as I am a n00b at coding >__>

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